Island Divers is the first diving facility in Puerto Princesa Palawanowned and managed by experienced and hospitable Filipino divers and marine conservationists.

It started with the husband and wife dive team of Norman and Angelique Songco sometime in 1980. And as premier dive shop in Puerto Princesa, Island Divers provides personalize service and experience fr4om 7 to 25 years including specialty instructor ratings knowledgeable in equipment, dive sites and superior recognition of aquatic life.

 Island Divers’ high regard for safety blended with years of experience and flexibility; have attracted different dive enthusiasts and students. And have serviced every type of dive classes and dive trips to different people over the last 20 years – From introduction of breathing underwater to professional diving.

Island Divers continue to enjoy and help protect the underwater world and share its wonders more than everyone could hope for – the best way to keep dive students and aficionados happy and satisfied.

 Go for Island Divers – your guide to the best Palawan Diving.