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Puerto Princesa is rich in Marine Life and you are most likely to have an encounter with amazing marine animals like turles, rays. manatees and sometimes with a whale shark. Dive sites in Puerto Princesa range in depth of six meters to over 30 meters offering a great adventure both for beginners and advance divers.

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Our Hot Dive Deals are special value packages that we offer during certain time periods of the year.  These Hot Deals are often last minute specials or special values such as free night, free day of diving free truck rental etc. that are offered for short periods of time.

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Marine Life

Palawan: The Last Frontier

One thing very unique to Puerto Princesa or Palawan, in the general sense is its megadiversity.-

Over the years, the city of Puerto Princesa’s bountiful resources, thriving wildlife and extraordinary natural beauty are known not only to its local people but also to some other daring settlers who wanted to live in an unpolluted environment.

It was the 70’s when the island=province first attracted foreign attention when it became the United Nations Vietnamese Refugee Center. During this time, there was also a disturbance in Kenya and several endangered animals were transported from its savannas to the plains of Calauit Island.

However, it was only a sea accident in 1979 that eventually led to the opening of Palawan into tourism big time.

As the story goes, a tuna line disabled a dive boat’s propeller in the middle of the night forcing it to drop anchor in an inlet. The following morning, the divers woke up to an amazing scenery of skyscraping dark cliffs, thick green forest, white-sand beach, sparkling water and, rising above it, a series of magnificently sculpted jade islands. And thus was how El Nido was discovered.

Ecology awareness is at a high level throughout the province. Puerto Princesa prides itself as the cleanest city in the Philippines. To protect its megadiversity, only eco-friendly programs are adhered to by tourist establishments. And there are strict ordinances against dynamite fishing, with only net and line fishing allowed.
Palawan may have opened itself to tourism but it has also taken serious efforts to preserve this last frontier.

Island Divers Location

Island divers location is only ten minutes from the seaport and airport and 10 to 40 minutes away from dive sites teeming with rich marine life.

Island Divers: Manalo Extension, Barangay Bancao-Bancao, Puerto Princesa City 5300

Palawan Philippines

Telephone numbers: (6348) 434.2917/723.2917 Fax: (6348) 434.2917 Email:


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