Puerto Princesa is rich in Marine Life and you are most likely to have an encounter with amazing marine animals like turles, rays. manatees and sometimes with a whale shark. Dive sites in Puerto Princesa range in depth of six meters to over 30 meters offering a great adventure both for beginners and advance divers.

Pete’s Reef, Galo’s Wall and Tablehead

Pete’s Reef, Galo’s Wall and Tablehead are located farther south from Puerto Princesa Bay. Pete’s Reef is a sea mound, 70 feet on top sloping to over a hundred feet. Currents can be strong during certain times of the month and diving can be a challenge, especially to the inexperienced. But the promise of large schooling jacks and barracudas, rays, eels and other marine organisms is worth the challenge. Basket sponges of shapes and sizes cover the terrain. Spur and groove formation can be found in Galo’s Wall and Tablehead. Coral patches cradle colorful fish and eels. Fan corals cover the wall and sway to the rhythm of the slow moving currents.

Putol Na Ilog

About 25 minutes from the jump off area is Putol Na Ilog, an underwater sandy avenue bounded by coral formations on both sides. The site slopes from 30 to over a hundred feet in depth. Invertebrates, schooling fish, sharks and rays are common in the area. Colorful giant fan corals filter food carried by the occasionally strong currents. Blue triggerfish are abundant and swim through the water like butterflies before darting into coral crevices upon sighting potential predators. A pinnacle located in 150 feet of water just out of the sandy bottom and serve as home to colorful reef and schooling fish.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse, is located 5 minutes from the jump off point and is characterized by plate like formations that begin at 40 feet. The rocks are interspersed with sandy areas and slopes to over 100 feet. Caverns with sandy bottoms make for exciting dives in combination with currents that can be tricky at times. Multi-colored fan corals cover most of the areas, swaying with the current like bouquets. Schooling fish, rays, sea pens and nudibranchs are common sites.

White Beach and Red Cliff

Begin with a 5-minute drive to White Beach where Island Divers’ dive sites are located from 5 to 40 minutes away from the beach by speedboat inside Puerto Princesa Bay. Manta rays, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks and other megafauna have been sighted in these waters.

The closest dive sites are White Beach and Red Cliff, both located inside Puerto Princesa Bay. These are preferred sites for open water training dives as they offer slopes and walls that begin 10 feet from the surface. Colorful reef fish are common and various coral colonies can be observed in one dive. Turtles and rays are usually sighted amongst soft corals and sandy portions of the site.


Crossing is close to Putol Na Ilog and has a maximum depth of 60ft. The occasional currents offer an exciting drift dive though the vibrant terrain is inhabited by various species of colorful reef fish and invertebrates. Frog and scorpion fish reveal their camouflage to the zealous diver. Turtles can be seen feeding on corals lazily. Various marine organisms have been sighted in this area so one must look around or the promise of unusual sights.